Soldiers were sent off to the barracks. They went to sleep. The next day was all the same – they had classes again. Chris and John didn’t speak too much. When the classes were over, John was called to the Sergeant’s office again. This time Kevin was accompanied by another sergeant, whose face and name were totally unfamiliar to John.

‘Today there’s gonna be three of us’ said Kevin.


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It was just an ordinary morning for Chris – he woke up in his bedroom in his parents’ house. Chris is a tall, slim, cute, dark-haired hunk… He went down to the kitchen to have a breakfast even though he was still a little sleepy. There wasn’t a single thing that he cared about in the world – he was relaxing since it was his day off and everything.

Doorbell rang. Chris’s dad went to open the door – and in a couple of minutes he yelled out, ‘Hey, Chris, come over here now!’ There were people dressed in military uniform standing at the do (more…)

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Kevin was a rich guy – mostly due to the huge fortune his grandpa had left him. It was the time for him to buy his very first ride – and it was definitely going to be a Porsche.

The day has come – he was cruising to the Porsche shop in a taxi. The car stopped to a halt in front of the flashy building, all glass and concrete…

There was one thing that struck him – there were no customers at all, only the salesmen. Claus was among them. Claus was a new guy in this shop – and he was really eager to sell his very first car that day. He was only 20 years old – just a student doing a part-time job in a successful company. Needless to say, the competition in a shop like that was insane. Every single customer was a god for all the salesmen including Claus.


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The shuttle has just got connected to the space station – it was the time for the new crew to change the old one. A man and a woman had walked away leaving John all alone on board. The only person to come back instead of them was Bob. He greeted John heartily, gave him a real bear hug… Everything seemed to be OK, but there was one though racing through John’s mind… “Damn, now it’s only two of us left here – hope I won’t die of solitude”. He took Bob to his cabin – the guy definitely needed some rest since it had been his very first flight and he looked really tired.

The next day they were already carrying out the researches together. Bob went into the open space. It was after the dinner when they decided to get to know each other a little bit better. They learned a whole lot of new things about each other.


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This blond guy had hit the party with his girlfriend. Everybody was having fun, chatting, drinking, making new acquaintances. In the middle of the night, the blond lad’s girlfriend felt sick – so he called a taxi to take her home but decided to stay at the party himself.

The relations between him, the host and his friends were getting warmer and warmer. Everybody was already wasted but they kept on drinking – the party was at its full swing. A couple of hours later the guests started leaving – but the blond guy just couldn’t stop getting boozed up… Soon the flat was almost empty – it was only him and the host left in there. He was totally fucked up lying there on the couch in the host’s lap trying to keep on chatting about his life and stuff… Suddenly he felt the host bend over him, rub his face against his face and kiss him – first on the cheek, then on the lips… The blond guy’s eyes were almost popping out with surprise – he couldn’t resist the host since he was way too drunk for it – and, frankly, he didn’t really want to resist. The host pulled himself off the blond guy, looked straight into his eyes and started kissing him again. This time it was a much more passionate kiss – simply because both of them wanted it.

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New neighbor

Michael lived in an ordinary apartment in an ordinary high-rise building. He was divorced – probably that was why he always looked messy with his five-o’clock shadow, long hair and everything. He didn’t have a job and was living on dole.
That day Michael spotted a new guy moving into the flat across the hall. He decided to pop in to get acquainted with his new neighbor.
‘Hey, I’m Michael. So… You are my new neighbor, right?’
‘Hi, Michael. Yeah, today I’m moving in here at last. My name’s Jim. My pleasure. If you want you can drop by in the evening – I got myself a couple of packs of beer and I’d love to share it with you if you don’t mind…’
‘Well… Yeah, sure. When should I come?’
‘I guess 8 pm would be alright.’
‘Yeah, fine. See you.’
Michael went back into his flat and fell asleep. Three hours later he woke up and soon was already knocking on Jim’s door.
Jim opened up – he was wearing a bright Hawaiian shirt and shorts and was holding a bottle of expensive champagne in his hands. He was already tipsy.
‘Come in, bro.’

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On the train

Bill was running after the train – he had hardly any chance to get into it… but he did. Breathless, sweaty and exhausted he was walking through the platforms into his car. He entered his roomette… What a surprise – there was only one man sitting in there! aˆ?Well, better for me… The road to Berlin will be way more comfortable,aˆ? thought Bill.
He decided to get acquainted with his fellow traveler. The guy’s name was Michael – he was a cute young man of about 24-25 years of age, with beautiful curly hair and a gorgeous smile – a really joyful person just like Bill himself. (more…)

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